FOR 1st and 2nd gen women ready to leave behind the corporate grind


3-Month Private Coaching

Even if your parents don't understand

Even if your family talks about you

Even if you don't have it all figured out

WITH Jessica hwang

Launch your creative career in 90 days!

Your immigrant parents did the hard work of re-establishing your family in this new country.  
Now it’s time to honor their struggles and move out of survival mode and into thriving mode. It’s time to get creative!

Survival mode has us solely focused on financial stability and job security even if it makes us miserable!

When we were children, we learned musical instruments, art, dancing, and used our imaginations.  

That creative spirit is still within you. It’s now time for our generation to reclaim our creative birthright and leave behind the traditional path for one filled with creativity, curiosity, and purpose.

The best way to honor your immigrant parents' sacrifice is to create a career you love!

You think that success = money


You think that if you get a promotion, a new role, or switch companies that you will be happier, but every time it's just been more of the same.


You think that the only job options are doctor, lawyer, engineer, business, or failure! 

You think that it's impossible to change careers and you would be completely starting over.


You already have everything within you to make this career change.  Take all your experience and talents and build the career you've dreamed of.

Our parents modeled for us that a successful career was working in a steady corporate job for 30 years!

Let's face it.  That isn't the model that we want to be living in anymore.

You've already tried to be the "good kid" and climb the corporate ladder, but it has only left you miserable.
Maybe it's time to find new role models - ones who are doing what you've been daydreaming about.

Maybe you've been telling yourself that other people can have a successful creative career, but not you?

Then ask yourself, why not you?

There are so many examples of people thriving in creative careers and you can too!

It's time to stop living your parents' dream and create your own dream.


You pushed yourself to be at the top of the class in school. 


You ambitiously climbed the corporate ladder to honor your parents' sacrifice and fulfill the American Dream.


You picked a major because it was the safe choice that would guarantee financial success.


You stay in a job you hate because your parents are proud of you and your "success".

It isn't a surprise that you're still in your corporate job. It's time to honor your parents in a new way.

You have financial stability from work that excites and energizes you. No more golden handcuffs!

You build a career that honors your parents' sacrifices AND highlights your creativity. No more pretending that you're doing something you love when you don't!

You wake up every morning excited about what you will create. No more Sunday scaries!

What if you could live like this:

Your career adds more energy into your life and helps you have better relationships, health, and happiness!

Here's what we work on inside our time together

Your corporate job has provided security, but pursuing your dreams doesn't require a leap into the unknown. Together, we will carefully evaluate which ideas to pursue, ensuring that your career transition is not only financially viable but also aligns perfectly with your ideal lifestyle.

For too long, you’ve navigated the expectations of your parents, family, and society. Together, we'll focus on uncovering what truly excites and motivates you in your career, helping you identify your genuine interests and what ignites your passion.



Turn your I.D.E.A. into reality

Your identity and daily life have long been defined by your corporate 9-5 job. As you pivot, we will guide you in establishing routines and crafting a lifestyle that works for  you. You'll also receive support in forging valuable connections within your creative field and effectively communicating your career transition to family and friends.

Embrace your curiosity and foster a sense of play, rather than letting the perfectionist or overachiever dominate your journey. Together, we'll cultivate a beginner's mindset, creating space for experimentation, learning, and discovering what truly resonates with you.



“I’m a person with tons of hopes and dreams, plus a multitude of talents, but I was very directionless and felt very unfulfilled in my life. I felt like all the cool things that I could do were being wasted and not being put to use. 

After I got let go from my office job, I was put in touch with Jessica. I am so, so thankful for her. 

Throughout the weekly sessions with her, she helped me realize that my wants and hopes for myself are valid and that though my desires and priorities may not line up or match with others, they matter to me. Jessica helped me to embrace that. 

Now I am excited for the possibilities that are laid out before me and I’m excited to do the work to move toward them.”

My hopes and dreams are valid

Alyssa J.

“As a coach, Jessica was not only deeply compassionate but also a mirror - holding up a reflection for the strength that she saw in me in a moment where maybe I forgot it existed.

I started coaching in a moment when I felt a little stuck, having just gotten out of a tricky relationship while also being relatively new to NYC. Jessica helped me rediscover joy in the form of creativity and self-care. She held me accountable to myself which ultimately is the most important, especially as a person who tends to prioritize others. 

In our 1:1 sessions, it felt like coming home. Jess exudes warmness in a way that inspired me to be that towards myself. Beyond providing a space to really explore my life from a birds-eye perspective, Jessica also provided me actionable steps and "tasks." Those tasks were things like getting a massage that week, journaling about gratitude, or delving into a fun activity. 

Jessica's coaching gave me the framework to thrive.”

I rediscovered creativity

Nina Z.

Complaining is just keeping you stuck where you are.  Treat your job as simply the funding for the new life you're creating.  By releasing the negativity, you will have so much more energy to put towards building a

Instead of pouring your energy into the job you hate, shift that energy into building the career and life that you want for yourself.

What if you dedicate yourself and your time to doing the things that light you up and bring more energy into your life!

Stop complaining about your job and start creating the career you want:

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3-Month Private Coaching

I’m a Career Transition Coach.

I'm the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants, who lovingly taught me to choose my career based solely on financial security and job stability.

I decided to work in corporate finance.  For 10 years, I climbed the corporate ladder, but kept asking myself "is this it?" I was drained and as I called it "a puddle on my couch" at the end of the day.

Finally, I burned out, quit my job, and decided not to take yet another finance job.

I reconnected to what lit me up. I surrounded myself with my yoga and creative communities.  I saw that it was possible to work outside of corporate.

I ultimately decided to become a coach, start a podcast, and teach yoga.

I now live a life that I absolutely love.  I have more energy and joy in my life than ever before and help my clients do the same.  My creativity is my gift and I love tapping into it every day.

Jessica Hwang


custom creative career plan

Customized roadmap to build your creative career and leave your corporate job.


Dedicated time each week to help you stay accountable so you keep moving forward into your new career.

Journaling exercises

Prompts to help you reconnect  to yourself and what you really want.

Text support

Between session support to keep you moving forward.  Responses within 24 hours.

What you get inside:

Listen to that gut feeling. It's leading you the right way.


Have you had this nagging feeling that you're meant for so much more than your limiting corporate job?  

It's time to listen to that feeling.  It's your inner intuition trying to guide you to where you belong.

Let it lead you into the next phase of your life - one that is filled with creativity, passion, and purpose.  

Together, we will figure out how to step-by-step transform your life beyond what you can currently imagine.

you don't need to spend another day wondering what if.  Instead of one day let this be day one.