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She isn’t here to support you to keep grinding on the path you’ve been on. She’s here to unlock the possibility of a new path - one filled with creativity and curiosity. It’s time to let go of the box you’ve been trying to fit in become reconnect to the creative powerhouse within.

Jessica Hwang isn’t your typical career coach.

I grew up the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants.  As a kid I painted, played piano, and let my imagination run wild, but when it came time to choose a career I was told to focus on what would provide financial success and job stability.  

I studied finance then got a job in corporate finance. I worked hard to climb the corporate ladder for the next decade. 

I accomplished what seemed good on paper - manager title, 6-figure salary, and what looked like the perfect life. But, I had lost myself in the process. I gave up so much of who I was to fit the mold of who I was supposed to be.

Something inside of me felt that this wasn't it.  There had to be more to life than being miserable most days and desperately waiting for my next vacation.

I had the “perfect” life and I was perfectly miserable.

This is how I started

In 2019, I worked with a life coach.  She helped me start advocating for my own wants and needs and make time for my interests and passions.

In 2020, I did my 200-Hr Dharma Yoga teacher training.  It was life changing, like coming home to myself. I was also so inspired by my classmates who had successful careers outside of corporate.

In 2021, I burned out in my finance job.  I tried to change roles, functions, and companies but nothing worked.  The intense stress led to health problems. After much consideration and preparation, I quit my job and decided I was more important than the title, money, and prestige of my job.

I decided I couldn't be what other people wanted me to be anymore

This is how I shifted

After I quit, I took some time just to reconnect to what brought me joy.  Then, I started to explore different job options.

At first, I thought I might go back to finance.  But, I realized I couldn't keep trying yet another finance job.

Alternatively, I thought I might go into financial planning. While it was moving in the right direction, it still wasn't what I really wanted to do.

Finally, I decided to listen to my gut and focus on my passion for health and wellness.  I saw how my journey was inspiring those around me and decided to become and coach and start my podcast to help others create change in their lives.  

Now I get to live that dream every day!

I created a life that is 100% authentic to me

This is how I transformed


Become a Creative Powerhouse

1:1 Career transition coaching for professional women who want to leave behind the “good on paper” corporate job and step into a creative career as an artist, entrepreneur, yoga instructor, or so much more.

Private coaching


We are all creators. Creativity is our natural gift. Our corporate jobs do not honor or value our creativity so we push it aside for the sake of corporate success.  Through coaching, Jessica helps her clients put their creativity back in the spotlight.

Jessica’s values and how they're reflected in coaching.


Our corporate jobs have us live in a limited box and put on a mask of who others want us to be. Instead, Jessica encourages her clients to explore new possibilities, be their authentic self, and follow what sparks joy.


Society has us believe that in order to be successful, we need to be hard on ourselves. Just the opposite is true. Jessica supports her clients in building a loving, compassionate, and supportive relationship with themselves.


We have been conditioned by society, our parents, and our environments that we have to be a certain way and live a certain kind of life to be accepted and worthy.  Jessica empowers her clients to live life on their own terms and follow their own unique path.


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